Beginner Ski Lesson # 1.4 – Snowplough Turns Once you have learned how to snow plow on skis and can control your speed on the snow and stop, is it time to learn how to turn with snow plow. In this ski lesson Darren Turner explains how to make their first turns on skis with the snow plow or wedge and talks about common mistakes. A gentle slope is required for this demo – and remember for your safety, it is not a substitute, but a complement to on-piste lessons with a qualified instructor. Ski School Beginners v2.0 on the iTunes App Store Check out the rest of the series on our YouTube channel and look out for our apps – thousands of skiers around the world are already using this to improve their skiing. If this is essential for you to ski at our intermediate and advanced applications and YouTube series. Subscribe to our channel for ski technique and inspirational skiing videos through the winter.

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