Carlo Janka – FIS World Cup Finals – 2011 Lenzerheide

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Carlo Janka:

Carlo Janka – FIS World Cup Finals – Lenzerheide 2011
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FIS World Cup Finals – Lenzerheide, Switzerland, 19.03.2011. Men’s slalom and closing ceremonies. All rights reserved. Please ask before using my pictures.

The winner (Carlo Janka, if you missed the race)
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I had two cameras: a D700 and D90 one. The first I wanted to use as wide-angle camera, while the latter was my zoom camera (cropfactor, cropfactor!). Middle of the race I switched to the D700 with a 70-200/2.8, as I was the D700 viewfinder is bevorzugen.Dieser shot with the D700 übernommen.Viel praise from Pearson Style for the organization of a press card. The evil is here with laughter.

Wow, and the advantage of this!
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