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Carlo Janka – FIS World Cup Finals – Lenzerheide 2011

Image by – Luca Pedroni
FIS World Cup Finals – Lenzerheide, Switzerland, 19.03.2011. Mens Slalom and Final Ceremony. All rights reserved. Please ask before using my pictures.

The winner (Carlo Janka, if you missed the race)

Image by chriscom
I had two cameras: A D700 and a D90. The first I intended to use as wide-angle camera, while the latter was my zoom camera (cropfactor, cropfactor!). Mid-race I switched to the D700 with the 70-200/2.8 as I prefer the D700’s viewfinder.

This shot was taken with the D700.

Much kudos go out to Pädel from Pearsonstyle for organizing a press pass. Evil laughter goes here.

Boah, und das bei diesem Vorsprung!

Image by puyol5
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