Day 17: Snowboard Waxing Time

A few nice snowboard images I found:

Day 17: Snowboard Waxing Time
Image by
Very lazy picture while waxing my snowboard.

Adams Ski & Snowboard Stickers
Image by teamstickergiant
Wow. Just, wow. Adams Ski & Snowboard is a perfectly respectable retailer of ski stuff and snowboard stuff in Zanesfield, OH. Whose initials just happen to spell “ASS.” Maybe this is a case of taking a weakness and making it a strength, because once you see one of these stickers stuck somewhere and you read it, you won’t forget Adams Ski & Snowboard – and you’ll never see ASS the same way again…

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Class 5ive Snowboards, Made In Canada
Image by Megan Mallen
ThisCityRocks up in Whistler: For our K’Naan episode, we have a major sponsor, this new Canadian Company, Class 5ive Snowboards: Hand Made Boards from Saskatchewan (by an Engineer-by-day-Boarder-by-night kind of rad dude)

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