Good Wood Snowboard Test 2014 Preview



The 2014 TransWorld Good Wood Board Testers. This year we split Good Wood into two tests. All-Mountain at Sierra-At-Tahoe, and our Park board test at Boreal and the Woodward West facilities.

Good Wood Board Test 2014 Preview

For this year’s Good Wood we split the snowboard test into two, we took 16 experienced testers to Woodward West at Boreal for the park test, and Sierra-at-Tahoe for the all-mountain portion. This is the first time we’ve split up the test like this, and we thought it was a good move allowing the testers to really hone in on a particular style of riding and mind set for each board category. You can’t beat the skatepark flow of the Woodward at Boreal runs and the long, variable runs at Sierra-at-Tahoe each made for perfect spots.

Stay tuned for the full Good Wood results coming out in the 2014 Gear Guide Issue August 1st. Subscribers get the issue earlier, so sign up for your subscription here and be the first to get the mags.


Shane Fortier puts the Niche snowboard thru some heavy testing at the Park Board test at Boreal

Many thanks to Boreal and Sierra-at-Tahoe for making the test a reality. To Marley for the jams. Penske for the road warrior. Zico and Drink Water for the hydration. DaKine for keeping those screws tight. Beyond Coastal for blocking sunburns. To all the testers who generously volunteered their time.

The Crew: Aaron Kinsman, Alexa McCarty, Brandon Laxalt, Brian Gipson, Clint Vezie, Cristina Soresca, Dan Conroy, Hannah Fuller, Irving Sanchez, John Foy, Kari Dethelfsen, Max Tokunaga, Pat Hannon, Shane Fortier, Tawyna Schultz, Vanessa Lowe

04_good wood_sierra_Ben_Birk

2014 TransWorld Good Wood board testing crew

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