How to choose ski and ski pole

The preferred way to figure out your favorite glide: SBC is like the bubbles in the park juggle? Yabuli or a million or so of steep snow dragon trail speeding? If only because the board have cool designs like the Spyder jackets to choose it, so you find that it did not listen to your beck and call, it a bit late. In general, the long, hard ski glide faster and more stable at high speed. Short, soft flexible ski steering and control to help you do all sorts of figures.


Sure you want to choose a Freestyle or Freeride snowboard, you can according to their height and weight to determine the length. There is no formula to apply, and requires a combination of your favorite Spyder wear and slide way, resort conditions and other factors.

Mood board erected from the shoulder to the chin height range are optional; rotary board from nose to chin is a good choice.


Remember, weight is to choose the ski length and hardness of the important factors, the greater the weight the more hard-riders need to select the snowboard, the length also need to be increased. 44 feet above the board should consider widening the.


Skiing ski pole is used to support the forward control balance, and guide changes to, support the body. Just like the Spyder jackets, it generally divided into alpine ski pole rod, the rod and free cross-country ski ballet stick. In addition to ski jumping, aerials skiing, snowboarding, other projects use ski pole.


Skiers ski pole is a tool essential like Spyder wear to control the center of gravity.

In the options, usually in my arm, elbow, after sagging as the height from the ground, the length of the ski pole options. Beginners can choose a longer ski pole, to be technology to improve, and then choose a shorter ski pole. Ski pole on a ticket with, it can be set on the wrist to prevent loss. Snow ski pole wheel to prevent over-insertion in the snow deep, the moment in high-speed taxiing to give you a stable fulcrum.

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