How To Ski Overseas?

A combination of vacation with ski instruction is what many people think about when they want to learn to ski. This is quite a good idea. Instead of learning to ski over a series of weekend why don’t you try biting the bullet and spending a week or two at a skiing chalet? I’m sure that you will be an expert in skiing by the time you leave.


And, as long as you are being adventurous, why limit yourself to just the continental U.S.? Learning to ski in a different country can easily lead you to having one of the more adventurous vacations that you can imagine and provide you with memories for a lifetime. But where should you go?


While not the first destination that comes to mind when thinking of skiing, France is a great ski destination. Contrary to most expectations, France has some of the best skiing in Europe.

In fact, when the British feel the need for a ski holiday, France is usually at the top of their list with almost a quarter of a million Brits visiting French slopes each year. And when thinking of great skiing terrains, the French Alps more than live up their reputation. But, you will not only enjoy great skiing in France. You will also be able to enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. And when you are done with your skiing, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the world famous French cuisine.


Probably better known than France for its skiing is Austria, and with good reason. No place has more of a variety of ski resorts than Austria. Whether you are a rank beginner or a gold medalist winner, you will have no problem finding at least one place that you will fall in love with. As you visit some of the great Austria ski resorts or chalets, don’t be surprised if you feel as you have just stepped into a scenic postcard. And the snow here is fantastic. In addition, since Austria is known the world over for its skiing, over the years they have developed thousands of ski instructors and schools with the ability to help you become a better skier than you would ever have thought possible.


One place that is almost surely not on your radar when it comes to skiing is Italy. And if you are an expert skier, it is probably not the best place to schedule a ski trip. But the beginner or even intermediate skier, can have a great time honing their skiing skills. In addition, since it is not as well known as some of the other countries, you can often enjoy your skiing without being bothered by huge throngs of people waiting in the ski lift lines.


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