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Usher former stepson died two weeks after the Jet Ski accident
Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, are mourning the death of her 11-year-old son. Kile Glover, who by a jet ski in Lake Lanier Atlanta sixth July was beaten, died on Saturday morning, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Funeral …
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danger on the high skis : bringing death toll renewed demands for personal
The best known personal watercraft Kawasaki Jet Ski, on which riders are, and Yamaha Waverunner Motor Company, where they sit. But there are dozens of brands of personal watercraft, and the Americans have an estimated 1.3 million of them.
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How to vacation like Mitt
I rented a rowboat from a friendly guy in his 20s wearing tan shorts and told him: “I got up by a photo that I saw fired by Mitt Romney and Ann on their jet skis, but I’m starting small.” He nodded and said: “This is a good little boat.” Ten …
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