Ski season breaks Vail sales tax records

VAIL –  —The 2011-12 ski season may have been one of the worst ever in terms of snowfall, but it’s shaping to be the town of Vail’s best-ever in terms of sales tax collections.

Sales tax collections were up every month in 2011 over the same month in 2010, and the recent ski season has posted similar gains every month except April.

Sales tax collections January of this year were $2.85 million, up 1.94 percent from January 2011. The trend continues with February collections up 6.59 percent from February 2011 and March collections up 0.91 percent over March 2011. April is down 7.88 percent from the previous year, when Vail Mountain’s ski season was a week longer than it was this year. The town expects another $55,000 in April collections, bringing the percentage to 3.3 percent down from 2011.

The 2011-12 ski season is estimated to be up 3.9 percent, or $536,785, from the 2010-11 season, the town’s largest sales tax collection in a ski season ever.

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