Snowboard – Frontside 360

Some cool snowboard images:

Snowboard – Frontside 360
Image by f-l-e-x
Unknown snowboarder performing his trick in the French Alpes
Sequence made in Photoshop CS3.
Frontside 360 indy

Little tutorial :

[1] Take picture with tripod and shoot as much as you can.
[2] Open first (master) picture of the sequence in Photoshop
[3] Open other pictures in Photshop and copy-paste them in your masterfile
[4] Cut out everything but the moving subject
[5] Merge Layers
[6] Done.

Watch my other SKi/Snowboard action sequences :

Skiing – Cork 540
Skiing – Backside 360 (I)
Skiing – Backside 360 (II)
Skiing – Frontside 540
Snowboarding Frontside 180 Indy
Snowboarding Frontside 360

This picture is part of my Most interesting Set

fixing snowboard
Image by shino 誌野
my husband dropped off his snowboard for maintenance a night before. when he went to pick it up in the morning, he was told that his snowboard had a crack and needed to be repared…

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