SnowBoard/Tattoo Stickers

Check out these snowboard images:

SnowBoard/Tattoo Stickers
Image by teamstickergiant
I went to Lollapalooza here in Chicago and man, did I see a lot of tattoos! Those Lolla kids really dig their ink. Of course, the crowd wasn’t all kids – there were plenty of old-timers there to see Devo and Jimmy Cliff and suchlike. And, whaddya know, plenty of them had tattoos as well. Probably the weirdest one I saw was this girl who had a giant brown version of what I swear was the Hogwart’s Express on her upper arm. I’m kinda hoping it was henna or something…

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Snowboard-VM 2012
Image by aktivioslo
Svenske Sven Thorgren under Slopestylefinalen i Wyllerløypa under Snowboard VM 2012

Foto: Ole Haug –

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