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Standing out as a snowboard photographer



Try adding different elements to the shot like smoke, powder, confetti, whatever you can get flying off the board. Austen Sweetin prefers it nice and smokey. PHOTO: Ian Ruther

Standing out as a snowboard photographer

Photography in snowboarding is a popular artistic outlet amongst many people. Those of us who are balanced between the love of snowboarding and photography strive to make it a part of our futures. But where is the future of snowboard photography? Snowboarding’s rapid progression has led to an increase in people documenting it. With so many cameras out there it’s easy to feel your work is just like everyone else’s. Don’t be intimidated, it just means it’s time for creativity and a deeper expression of our artistic vision through snowboarding photos. No longer is it all about new tricks but now as much about style, on both rider and photographers end. A successful photographer can react to the various elements (rider, weather, location, lighting etc.) and know how to make them come together. Also, it is the impressions the photographs give which make them extraordinary. TransWorld senior snowboard photographers Andy Wright, Scott Serfas, and Frode Sandbech are just a few paving the way for new and creative representations of snowboarding. Check out these examples of snowboarding photographs full of inspiration, creativity, and different ways of shooting. Now it’s your turn to get out and create!

Best Advice: Shoot as much as possible, eventually you will develop your own style.

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