Starbucks opens its first ski-thru store

You know you’re addicted to caffeine when you can’t even take off your skis before grabbing a cup of joe. Either that, or we’ve taken multitasking to a terrifying level — Starbucks has opened its first ski-thru store.

It was built at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California and allows customers to ski to the window and ski off with a coffee drink. Weren’t you thinking that strapping two slippery sticks to your feet and sliding down a mountain was only missing a cup of steaming hot liquid to make it the safest sport around?

“We worked closely with the design team at Starbucks to create a one-of-a-kind experience that we know our guests will truly enjoy,” Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley’s president and CEO, told ski site “Nowhere else in the world can skiers and riders enjoy a delicious Starbucks coffee without missing a beat on the slopes.”

Apparently, this was inspired by BASE jumper JT Holmes, who has been known to drink coffee while skiing. Thank him the next time you’re grabbing a caramel macchiato at 8,000 feet.

— Zap2It

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