Summer snowboarding: must-do’s at Mount Hood

Summer snowboarding: must-do’s at Mount Hood

June 5


p: Mike Yoshida

Even though we’re a few weeks away from the summer solstice, as far as snowboarding is concerned, it’s full-on summer. The mountains have closed, your parents/roommates/significant other have forced you to shelve your snowboard gear, and all you’re left to do is keep refreshing the SNOWBOARDER Mag videos page to make sure you don’t miss any new edits of snow somewhere far off. But, things aren’t as bad as they seem–the beginning of June means that the snowboard camps are ramping up to begin at Mount Hood and it is there, in the forested land of the Mount Hood National forest, that your summer dreams can come true. Whether you choose High Cascade, Windells, MHSSC, or take the tourist route to hit the public park, there’s a whole mess of things to do in order to get the full Mount Hood experience. Time spent at Mount Hood can be divided into two main categories: things to do (shredding, skating, and more), and things to eat (is it strange that a snowboarding paradise is the home of multiple iconic food purveyors? No, because all the outdoors activities make you hungry!) and we have enlisted some veterans of summer snowboarding to fill you in on their must-do’s while at Mount Hood. So, get to Oregon and consider this your check list for your trip.
– Mary Walsh


I think one thing someone should do and that’s ride the pipes at the summer camps! These things are cut to perfection. The best transition I find all season is up there! – Scott Stevens – Mount Hood legend, former HCSC Coach and HCSC Signature Sessions Host

Louie Vito. p: Mike Yoshida

I recommend that everyone do some hiking in the Mt Hood area. Mirror lake or frog lake are short easy hikes. My favorite of all is an hour long hike to Twin Lakes. It is secluded and has clear water. Also, there is a sign posted for a missing llama. – Marie Hucal – lady rider and HCSC Digger

Skateboard Windells park, it will blow your mind! – Ozzy Henning – all around ripper and Windells Coach

I’d say if you’re in Hood and you don’t skate windells your blowing it. – Forest Bailey, PDX resident and really good skater

Hike up to the lane! There is a hiking lane all the way to the (looker’s) right. So pretty and rewarding! – Mary Rand – Yawgoon and Windells Coach

As for what to do at Hood, seeing the sun rise up there is always amazing. Getting chased by the diggers could be fun. Colleen Quigley – former HCSC Coach turned office jockey who still rips

There’s cliff jumping in a lot of places. I think the main spot’s in Estacada, but there’s a bunch of others. It’s bad ass to jump off of tall things. – Tim Humphreys longtime Mount Hood summer local, coaching at HCSC and hosting sessions at Windells

If you are a tourist, for sure go camping. There’s nothing better than summer camping in Oregon, especially in the Hood area. – Pat Moore – Mount Hood veteran HCSC Signature Sessions host

Spray a tourist to give them the full experience of volcano survival. Helping another on their vacation really helps start a great day of shredding. Skate and Snowboard in the same day, if you’re up to it, pull a trifecta and surf as well. There are only a few places in the world this is possible and they sure as heck aren’t this good, plus they filmed “Goonies” on the Oregon coast. Stop by the Burton Demo Center because we’re awesome. – Connor Manning – Burton Demo Center and professional snowboarding judge

p: Marsha Hovey

Not to blow the spot out, but, camping at the airstrip when there is a stretch of good summer weather is the bestest. – Russell Winfield – snowboard legend

Play dodge ball at HCSC, cliff jump at Punchbowl Falls and on off days go to the movie theater in Sandy. One of my very favorite things to do is just to have a regular skate day at Windell’s, which there really isn’t anything regular about at all! Then of course there is always Lake Trillium, and more cliff jumping along the Columbia River. – Red Gerard – young shred and the unofficial mayor of Mount Hood

Go to charlies, go to Matty Mo’s dance parties, go hiking, go snowboarding. – Greg Furey – HCSC Senior Photographer

Another thing that popped into my head, is going up to the mountain on a shitty day. It’s sunny and sick for most of the summer, but doing some soul boarding on weather days can be really fun. Plus, you end up appreciating those good days that much more afterwards. Some of the most fun laps I’ve had at Timberline were riding the chunder fields beside all the parks. – Cody Lee – Windells Head Counselor

p: Erik Hoffman/Windells


For the OF agers: the Sunday morning Bloody Mary’s at the High Mountain Cafe are to die for. AND don’t forget to grab a volcano cone. – Marie

p: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes

It’s really hard to say just one thing about hood, but if I’m limited to one activity it would have to be the obvious Cobra Dogs stop. If we’re talking a first time camper, they should go with an All Beef Boa cobra style, minus the fun (kraut) but add bacon bits. Also, a slushie is necessary to wash that down. Lets go with a black mamba slushie (all of the flavors combined).

If we are talking a tourist (or a camper with more mature taste buds) I’m gonna have to say either brattlesnake or hotsnake. We’re gonna want to do that cobra style, add onions, banana peppers, cheese and celery salt. Probably gonna want to wash that down with either a frog abortion slushie (lemon lime and cherry) or a crispy cold stoke-a-cola. – Matty Mo – DJ and purveyor of all your Hot Snake needs

p: Greg Furey/HCSC

If you are a camper, go for the Cobra Dog/ Volcano Cone combo after shredding, it’s like a ritual for me. – Pat

Something I would say you need to do, is go to Wraptitude, place is da shiiiit!!! I always get the Chicken Caesar wrap, but I recommend trying them all. – Ozzy

As for something to make sure you do while at Hood, the one thing that “shticks” out to me is a slice of Sparkys pizza in Sandy. I don’t believe a better slice of pizza exists on this side of the Mississippi, and slices are only $1.75 on Mondays. You can easily reach food-coma status for under 5 bucks. Sparkys is my favorite place to escape the mountain on a rain day or make a pit stop on the way to Portland. – Cody

Drink a Black Momba, the concoction that my friends and I created, at Cobra dogs. – Red