Sweet Droid Domepiece: R2-D2 Snowboarding Helmet


So we’ve already seen Burton’s line of Star Wars snowboards, and here comes the perfect accessory: an R2-D2 crash helmet. Would I get shot out a cannon wearing one? Yes. Would I get shot out of a car wearing one? No, because I always buckle up. BOOM — holiday safety PSA outta nowhere. But seriously, folks: drive safe this holiday weekend — I can’t have you getting hurt on my watch. *pounding on your chest in hospital bed* WHY GOD — WHY?! He was such a great…commenter. *booming voice* “He was a troll, GW.” He wa– really?! *pulls the plug to charge my phone*

Burton Product Site
DO WANT: R2D2 Helmet [incrediblethings]

Thanks to bb, who takes taxis everywhere when she’s been drinking so she can make out in the back. HELLO! — split a fare?

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