Switch on an Alpine Snowboard.

Check out these snowboard images:

Switch on an Alpine Snowboard.
Image by dmitrysumin
Please view it large – it looks different in large size. Thanks!

Doing a "switch" (riding backwards) on an alpine snowboard is tricky! 🙂

Give me free snowboarding gear – contest participant.

Famous Last Words – Snowboard Movie Title Sequence
Image by =[`]
These grabs are from a opening title sequence to an imaginery snowboard film entitled ‘famous last words’, i used a combination of motion animation and film. watch it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txg8CUWlBUA

BigAir snowboard world championship rotterdam
Image by dizid
this morning leon and me went to the boarders in rdam. great jumps, groovy music, we had fun.
i used to snowboard alot, but that was b4 these guys where born – am i old or what

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