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Lindsey Jacobellis Snowboarding Finals Women Olympics

takes a spill while trying to show. You land from a lock for a gold medal for settling for silver.
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Gretchen Bleiler 2nd Place Run – Winter Dew Tour Snowbasin Snowboard Superpipe finals

clock Gretchen Bleiler the second Place in the women's snowboard superpipe finals run at the Toyota Championships 2012 in Ogden, UT.


Getting air off the Wu-Tang in the Men’s Snowboard Boardercross Finals – The Brits, Laax 2010

A few snowboard images I found:

Getting air off the Wu-Tang in the Men's Snowboard Boardercross Finals - The Brits, Laax 2010
Image by bobaliciouslondon
Wu-Tang at the start of the snowboard boardercross course in the Finals

Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival
Image by VancityAllie
Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival

This photo from 's blog... you can also follow her on Twitter at !

Image by bez_uk
This is 2 pics merged together of the same board. if you look carefully you can see the same boot twice in top right


Carlo Janka – FIS World Cup Finals – 2011 Lenzerheide

Check out these pictures

Carlo Janka:

Carlo Janka - FIS World Cup Finals - Lenzerheide 2011
Year peak of - Luca Pedroni
FIS World Cup Finals - Lenzerheide, Switzerland, 19.03.2011. Men's slalom and closing ceremonies. All rights reserved. Please ask before using my pictures.

The winner (Carlo Janka, if you missed the race)
Year peak of chriscom
I had two cameras: a D700 and D90 one. The first I wanted to use as wide-angle camera, while the latter was my zoom camera (cropfactor, cropfactor!). Middle of the race I switched to the D700 with a 70-200/2.8, as I was the D700 viewfinder is bevorzugen.Dieser shot with the D700 übernommen.Viel praise from Pearson Style for the organization of a press card. The evil is here with laughter.

Wow, and the advantage of this!
Year peak of puyol5
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Shaun White WInning Run – Winter Dew Tour Nike Open Snowboard Superpipe Finals

Subscribe to our channel for more videos from the 2011 Winter Dew Tour. Check out Shaun White's winning run from the Winter Dew Tour's 2011 Nike Open in Breckenridge, Colorado.
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Watching the winter Dew Tour...I wonder where @Shaun_White is. :/
@Allisports #DewTour - by Amfowl (Allison Fowler)