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Lindsey Jacobellis Snowboarding Finals Women Olympics

takes a spill while trying to show. You land from a lock for a gold medal for settling for silver.
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Snowboarder wins, USANA brand ambassador Lindsey Jacobellis in Telluride

Lindsey Jacobellis, a professional snowboarder and USANA brand ambassador, cruises to victory at the USANA Cup snowboard cross in Telluride, Colorado in December 2011. We are pleased to have Lindsey as part of the team USANA. For more information about USANA-sponsored athletes, please contact us on like Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at @ TeamUSANA The featured athlete is either a reseller or dedicated user, the compensation for his / their partnership has been received and / or free USANA products.
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Lindsey Jacobellis

Lindsey Jacobellis at Raika Studio
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Sixteen hours of live coverage for WX
Lindsey Jacobellis (USA): With the most Snowboarder X gold of any athlete, Jacobellis will attempt the first-ever Snowboarder X Women's five-peat at Winter X Games Aspen 2012. Daniel Bodin (SWE): After finishing fourth in every Winter X Games ...
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Snowboard Celebration Week at Stratton
Stratton was one of the first resorts to formally welcome snowboards on the hill, later becoming the home of the US Open and Olympic medalists Ross Powers and Lindsay Jacobellis. This year, we commemorate Stratton's 50th Anniversary and the 30th annual ...
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Keep Them in Stitches
They're working especially closely with one team member, Olympic silver medalist Lindsey Jacobellis, a knitting enthusiast. Jimmy Beans will be one of a small number of companies set up in tents at upcoming US Snowboarding World Cup competition, ...


Lindsey Jacobellis Snowboarder X Gold

Lindsey Jacobellis takes gold in Snowboarder X boosting her confidence leading into the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. For more coverage go to