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"Island Warriors" take break from surf to ski

"Island Warriors" take break from surf to ski
MOUNTAIN WARFARE TRAINING CENTER, BRIDGEPORT, Calif. - Marines from Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, conduct ski tour training at Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, Calif., April 3, 2013. (U.S. Marine Corps photo ...
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How to do ski camp right: Get your summer shred on in 2013
There is no better way to spend a part of your precious summer than at ski camp. Get coached from the best pros in the world, session great parks in the softest conditions, eat hot dogs for lunch, and well, generally have a pretty damn good time. But ...
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Sal Masekela and TSO Studios Take Wake to the App Store with New App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 15, 2011

Sal Masekela and TSO Studios announce their TSO Wake App, an action sports how-to video app available exclusively on the App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Masekela, long-time ESPN television host of both the Summer and Winter X Games, said "The School of Wake is like nothing else out there. Imagine a kid shredding when he sees another kid stomp that perfect trick. With the TSO Wake App, he can learn how to do it from the top riders in the industry right there in the boat. TSO has officially changed the game by taking everything you need to progress and putting it directly in the palm of your hand.

The TSO Wake App comes preloaded with beginner, intermediate, and advanced trick sets (28 tricks in total) presented by TSO pro Corey Bradley, and users can add additional Pro Sets from other top riders through In-App Purchase. The initial list of names Masekela announced for both current and future Pro Sets goes beyond impressive:


What will it take for Global Warming Kool-Aid Drinkers to start seeing the truth ?


Question by Ozombie: What will it take for Global Warming Kool-Aid Drinkers to start seeing the truth ?
On May 21st the London Telegraph issued Global Warming Propaganda with the Headline " Climate Change Threatens Alpine Ski Resort " saying in the article that lack of snow could grind tourism to a halt

Yet on Dec,19 the very same paper had the headline " The Alps have Best Snow Conditions in a Generation " saying they could break all records by New Years

Is this just a decepetion by Globalists to impose carbon taxes on us ?
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actually i just put kool adi drinkers in there to get more views, when you post a civil question, it doesn';t get much attention, you people on YA are into drama and insults

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Answer by Marysia
all i know is -- i'm freezing and eagerly look forward to any type of warming! we've been without power since 0200 yesterday!!!

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