The 2013 Merrill Mini-Pipe Invitational at High Cascade Snowboard Camp



Scott Blum was doing some of the most amazing hand plants that we’ve ever seen.

2013 Bode Merrill Mini-Pipe Invitational from High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Vimeo.

Photos: Aaron Blatt

Words: Hondo

Video: Derek Weimer

June 29, 2013 is going to go down in the books as being one of the most perfect summer days at Mt. Hood in the history of summer boarding. The sun was out, the snowboard action was on point, and the energy that was flowing was just amazing. The 29th also marked the date for the second annual Merrill Mini-Pipe Invitational at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. The list of riders who were in attendance was a heavy list. Norwegian Olympic hopeful Alek Oestreng was shredding the pipe along side dudes like Ben Bilocq, Chris Grenier, Chris Beresford, Austen Granger, and Jason Robinson. It was an eclectic and different field, but everyone was killing it.

Scott Blum is amazing at riding a mini-pipe. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt.

Some of the coolest things that happened were Jason Robinson and his awesome creative runs. For a dude that doesn’t ride a lot of halfpipe during the year, he sure was looking like he knew what he was doing.  Ben Bilocq has some real cool, smooth runs. His style is on point. Johnny Brady was doing massive ally-oop chicken wing McTwists, those were really sick. Ted Borland was showing everyone that he’s a all-around ripping snowboarder, and so was Cody Rosenthall. Coming in third place was Kyle Lopiccolo. He was boosting way over head high all day with a smooth, awesome style. Brandon Cocard walked away in second place. He is a serious all terrain ripper. His run started with a sick backside rodeo into the halfpipe and went into so many awesome tricks. It was cool watching Cocard snowboard today.

Ted Borland with a righteous nuclear. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt.

Like every event however, there can only be one winner. Today’s winner was none other than Scott Blum. Scott Blum was in his own element all day. He was charging like a crazy person from the moment his snowboard touched snow. Really the only word to describe his snowboarding is inspiring. It was that awesome.

The Merrill Mini-Pipe Invitational is one of the best events happening in snowboarding right now. Watching everyone ride something that they normally don’t ride and kill it is awesome. Today was a serious blast, and we’re already counting the days until next years.


For a true sense of what went down, check out the photo gallery. Because you know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words…



1st: Scott Blum

2nd: Brandon Cocard

3rd: Kyle Lopiccolo

Honorable Mention: Jason Robinson, Ben Bilocq, Johnny Brady, Ted Borland, Alex Lopez, and Cody Rosenthall

Best Plant: Scott Blum

Best Flip: Brandon Cocard

Best Crash: Bode Merrill



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