Video: High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 5

All summer long, High Cascade snowboard camp has been going off. Each session has brought out some really impressive snowboarding, and the session five video continues the trend. With the summer quickly winding down on the glacier the riding is showing now sings of slowing down, as this is possibly the best edit of the summer.

Riding from Jaeger Bailey, Mike Ravelson, Bode Merrill, Deadlung, Scott Stevens, Spencer Schubert, Justin Bennee, Bode Merrill, Randy Vannurden, Sage Kotsenburg, Vinny, Pat Bridges, Richie Conklin, Marie Hucal, Max Warbington, Garrett Warnick, Andrew Aldridge, Brandon Reis, Red Gerard, Zack Normandin, Brandon Sakiewics and Jayell White.

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