What type of authority do ski patrol members have?

Question by David V: What type of authority do ski patrol members have?
Do they have the right to forcefully remove your pass / ticket? Can they legally stop / detain you if you don’t obey their orders?

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Answer by Scott
Yes. They are the on-the-hill representative of hill management. The National Ski Patrol is an education and training non-profit entity. Each hill determines policy and procedure for both first aid and medical emergencies as well as how ALL staff responds to safety, and customer conduct issues.

In general, the Ski Patrol members are the only staff on the slopes and are granted the responsibility of enforcing resort rules. They may even become involved in citizen’s arrests and other State law violations as agents of management.

In most states, there are laws specifically addressing this such as “Conduct unbecoming a resort”. This makes not following a staff order a violation of state law, even if the original action was not an unlawful act by state law. An example would be building an unauthorized jump and being told to stop. Building the jump is not a violation of state law, refusing to obey the order to stop would be.

And yes, if you are breaking resort rules your pass can be removed or they can inform lift operators to not allow you to load. And they can detain you to enforce rules or investigate violations. If you are intoxicated, they have a legal responsibility to do so.

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