Winter X Games 15 – Real Snow: Dan Brisse

VOTE NOW at Eight snowboarders, eight video parts, one very cool new Winter X Games event. Dan Brisse Age: 26 Hometown: Richmond, Minn. Last video part: 2010: Absinthe Films “Now/here” You may have heard about the epic backside 180 carpark gap Brisse pulled recently. See what he saved for his Real Snow part. Hucking from a parking garage maybe? Head to to hear more about Dan’s video and begin voting — tournament-style, in brackets — for your favorite part.

21 thoughts on “Winter X Games 15 – Real Snow: Dan Brisse”

  1. @MisleadingBananaFish Actually no, people have sense not to copy what they see on youtube, quite frankly a lot of videos that are made by pros do things that most viewers would either a. not have interest just watching, b. try whatever sport they saw example skateboarding and fall just moving on or c. yeah I see what you’re saying a village idiot who goes and wrecks himself because he wants to show off or thinks he just has it. The bottom line, All these videos take practice not fake balls.

  2. brisse has the worst style in snowboarding. trying to be some evil kneivel stuntman, 40 mph tow ins and huge booters in the streets, thats the last place i want to see snowboarding go. im not buying it, sincerly, hater

  3. @MisleadingBananaFish i know people who actually can do this and it is even more insane to see in real life and wen u actually know the person it makes it seam even more lik u could do it urself haha never a safe plan

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