Winter X Games 15 – Real Snow: Jeremy Jones

VOTE NOW at Eight snowboarders, eight video parts, one very cool new Winter X Games event. Jeremy Jones Age: 34 Hometown: Sandy, Utah Last video part: 2010: People Creative’s “Cheers” Ever see a shove it on a snowboard? Jeremy will show you one or five. Head to to hear more from Simon and begin voting — tournament-style, in brackets — for your favorite part.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 thoughts on “Winter X Games 15 – Real Snow: Jeremy Jones”

  1. @TeamSwissOSA he only uses one binding and correct me if im wrong but i think that one binding has only one screw so that the board can spin

  2. @theoldkat I’m not saying i could do it. well i know i couldn’t do it cause i don’t use burton boards i use stepchild. and second only reason i’m not impressed is because alot of the videos i see of him he does this trick.

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