Winter X Games 15 – Real Snow: Joe Sexton

Winter X Games 15 - Real Snow: Joe Sexton

VOTE NOW at Eight snowboarders, eight video parts, one very cool new Winter X Games event. Joe Sexton Age: 23 Hometown: Apple Valley, Minn. Last video part: 2010: People Creative’s “Cheers” Check out Joe’s boardslide and 50-50 up and down some seriously kinked rails and then log onto to hear more from Joe and begin voting — tournament-style, in brackets — for your favorite part.

13 thoughts on “Winter X Games 15 – Real Snow: Joe Sexton”

  1. i thought this was kind of lame when i first saw it when it first came out, now the more i watch it, it makes me wonder, why did he not win!

  2. people who dont snowboard probably wont appreciate this as much as we do, because there arnt any sick flips or shit, but HOLY BALLS a nose press to fs 360 out, i mean like damn :O

  3. weak. . . u kno normally I wld be the 1 praising Sexton for his ill tech and steeze but what really gets me pumpd are the pros that pull tricks that i cldn’t do in my dreams. . . just watch Real Snow-Nic Sauve and you’ll know what i’m talkin about

  4. @dennisdenurste begining is suppose to be a joke… didnt u see him in the olympics he didnt care he was losing he was having a good tim and bein chill

  5. @MrRucknroll Have you seen the intro? Not so chill after all. And liking somebody because he smokes a lot of weed is another thing to question about… Maybe you should like him for his skills!!

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