Winter X Games 15 – Real Snow: JP Walker

VOTE NOW at Eight snowboarders, eight video parts, one very cool new Winter X Games event. JP Walker Age: 34 Hometown: Salt Lake City Last video part: 2010: People Creative’s “Cheers” Watch JP nail some sick transitions then boardslide or should we say truckslide a box truck. For more go to and begin voting — tournament-style, in brackets — for your favorite part.

19 thoughts on “Winter X Games 15 – Real Snow: JP Walker”

  1. @pwnownz6 yeah i dunno wat he wa doing but he just seemed to be half or maybe quater assing it for some reason i like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he mighta been injured but if not it was kinda sad that he would do htat

  2. one day, hes gonna do one of his huge 270 boards, and his board is gonna snap and hes not gonna be able to have kkids

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