Avoiding Resort Parking Fees in Lake Tahoe?

Question by Brockmann: Avoiding Resort Parking Fees in Lake Tahoe?
We are booked to stay for one week at the “Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort” (901 Ski Run Blvd) in South Lake Tahoe.

They want to charge $ 16 per day to park at the resort.

Is there any free parking nearby?

Any advice to save us this parking fee would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by HonorHumility
The strip mall near there you can park for free. It is about a 5 minute walk to your place. Good luck.

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  1. Yes, they charge $ 16 because it’s a primo spot close to the water and they know they got cha for parking. Not another option, that I’m aware of. You can take your chances and park at the very nice mcdonalds next to it, but it’s not worth getting towed. Enjoy your stay and try the Red Hut across the street for breakfast. Very popular! You’ll be close to the water, so make the most of your parking fee and walk the shoreline. It’ll be beautiful when you go.

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