Best Place to Get a Snowboard

Snowboarding has been fully legit for quite a while now—probably from the moment they quit calling it “snurfing”—and Missoula’s shredders and carvers join local skateboarders at EOW to feed their need for speed. Missoula loves to support a store that supports its community, and EOW does that in spades with sponsorships and donations. “We like to be involved in the scene, to keep it fun,” says manager Chris Bacon, who is also the president of the Montana Skatepark Association. He adds that everyone who works at EOW snowboards. “I don’t get people who live here and don’t do winter activities,” says Bacon. Edge of the World:
618 S. Higgins,

Finalists, Best Place to Get a Snowboard

2. Bob Ward Sons:
3015 Paxson St,

3. Gull Ski and Snowboard:
2601 W. Broadway,

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