Bogus snowboard thief caught, boards returned to rightful owners – KBOI

GARDEN CITY, Ore. — A teenager was arrested after he stole other people’s snowboards from Bogus Basin on Thursday, the sheriff’s office said.

Detectives working the case said that on Thursday the teenager stole five snowboards from a gear rack.

Officials from the ski resort said that they used to have someone watching the gear at all times, but had to cut the position to save money.

While many skiers and snowboarders purchase locks for their gear, Bogus Basin general manager Alan Moore said that there are still a large number of people who don’t.

“The first year that we sold these  … we probably sold about 500 locks. Now we’re probably selling 30 or 40 a year,” said Moore.

Moore said that there are around 20 pairs of skis or snowboards reported stolen each year, adding that the number is low compared to the total number of people hitting the slopes.

Detectives said that they found four of the five victims who had their boards stolen on Thursday and reunited them with their gear.

The sheriff’s office hasn’t released the thief’s name (because he is under age); he faces multiple charges in both Ada and Boise.

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