Bonfire’s 15th annual Pipe to Pipe

The Bonfire Pipe 2 Pipe is Mt. Hood’s longest-running contest. Hosted by Windells camp, this event has been going down for 15 years, and it just keeps getting better and better. Aside from having a great overall vibe, it’s fun to see snowboard legends like Bobby Meeks and Preston Strout shredding alongside the next generation of up and comers. And with copious amounts of hot dogs and Gatorade provided, it’s pretty awesome for the spectators too.

15th Annual Pipe to Pipe

Come for the contest, stay for the party. Gallery Photo Gallery

For those not familiar, the Pipe to Pipe is one part snowboard, one part skateboard contest. The fun starts on the glacier, with riders of all ages and pro/not-pro status throwing down on a fun-run of rails, hips, spines and pole jams. And just when you think the action is over everyone heads down the hill to a free BBQ back at the Windells base camp where people stuff their face for a second time before Pipe 2 Pipe begins on the skate ramp.

Traditionally, the best skateboarders from around the Northwest come to throw down in the skate event, and they did not disappoint this time around. In the end Mason Merlino took home a stack of 750 one-dollar bills in the skate event, and Erik Leon took it home for the snowboard side. I’d give you a list of tricks they pulled, but that would make the contest sound too serious. How about you just look at the pictures instead?

Snowboard results:

1. Erik Leon
2. Sawyer Dean
3. Jesse Paul

1. Jessika Jensen
2. Mary Rand
3. Sarah Gale

1. Bobby Meeks
2. Ami Voutilainen
3. Preston Strout

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