Carving – Ski Lesson This lesson is an introduction to carving for intermediate skiers. It should help people who are not discovered the edge yet to find this feeling. The main objective at this stage is to get the students not to turn his feet and slide carve, but. To achieve this, I am using more inside ski lead and hip counter as necessary since only simplify thereby the rolling of the knee. Once the student realizes that the skis turn all by themselves these things reduced to the necessary minimum. Instead the student to edge by inclination – i “refused” highlight the fundamental basic position. When I want to teach a technique that is consistent and works on the blues in the same way as on the black runs. The main ski fundamentals are described in detail in the 3 main lessons of the DVD. Furthermore you will find lessons on skiing the steeps, short turns and 14 additional exercises “Sofa Ski School – from blue to black diamond” 84 minutes from ski instruction 3 reminder cards for the slopes FREE SHIPPING FREE access to the new SSS website now available worldwide on:

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