Standing out as a snowboard photographer



Try adding different elements to the shot like smoke, powder, confetti, whatever you can get flying off the board. Austen Sweetin prefers it nice and smokey. PHOTO: Ian Ruther

Standing out as a snowboard photographer

Photography in snowboarding is a popular artistic outlet amongst many people. Those of us who are balanced between the love of snowboarding and photography strive to make it a part of our futures. But where is the future of snowboard photography? Snowboarding’s rapid progression has led to an increase in people documenting it. With so many cameras out there it’s easy to feel your work is just like everyone else’s. Don’t be intimidated, it just means it’s time for creativity and a deeper expression of our artistic vision through snowboarding photos. No longer is it all about new tricks but now as much about style, on both rider and photographers end. A successful photographer can react to the various elements (rider, weather, location, lighting etc.) and know how to make them come together. Also, it is the impressions the photographs give which make them extraordinary. TransWorld senior snowboard photographers Andy Wright, Scott Serfas, and Frode Sandbech are just a few paving the way for new and creative representations of snowboarding. Check out these examples of snowboarding photographs full of inspiration, creativity, and different ways of shooting. Now it’s your turn to get out and create!

Best Advice: Shoot as much as possible, eventually you will develop your own style.

Burton brings its signature snowboard gear to Bay Area

Burton Snowboards will open two new stores in the Bay Area just in time for ski season.

Burton, which makes snowboards, boots and bindings, as well as clothes and luggage, will open a flagship stores in Berkeley and San Francisco this fall. The retailer, with headquarters in Vermont, is hoping to become the shopping destination for the thousands of Bay Area snowboarders and skiers who travel to Lake Tahoe every winter to hit the slopes.

The 1,500-square-foot store planned for San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district will replace Burton retailer SFO Snowboarding, located at 1630 Haight St. That location will sell limited edition products, artist collections and special collectable Burton items.

The larger, Berkeley store at 1840 Fourth St. and will have a wider selection of Burton products year-round. The 2,300-square-foot store will open in October.

With the two new Bay Area stores, Burton will have eight flagship stores worldwide.

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Ride Snowboards Unveils New 2014 Gear and Website

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Because of Snowboarding teaser

Ride Snowboards Unveils New 2014 Gear + Website

 Sexy site, progressive product deliver hotness for the upcoming winter season.

SEATTLE, Wash. (July 23, 2013) – Though the summer temps still beg for boardshorts and flip flops, winter is always on the brain at Ride Snowboards as they launch their new 2014 website complete with all the spiciest goods for snow. For more than 20 years, the youthful, innovative brand has been living the dream bringing industry-leading products and craftsmanship to riders – and they aren’t letting up any time soon. The fact is, there’s a lot of hotness going on with Ride’s 2014 outerwear, hardgoods and accessories, and it’s all coming to you on their new buffed-out, easy-to-surf site.


“Our new line brings together the latest style, innovation, and upgraded technologies, along with the results of our pro teams’ efforts in designing a handful of new signature products that we are super excited to bring to market,” said Casey Raymer, Global Brand Director at Ride. “Bringing a new look and feel to our website and offering a cleaner, easier way to check out the new goods, tech info, athlete news, and more, is really the kick-off to the season for us.”


Once you hit the new site, you’ll immediately be drawn into the upgraded layout, with captivating imagery and big, easy-to-navigate product and news sections that breathe snowboarding. With new features like 360-degree spin views on products, a full info guide to Ride’s new technical outerwear featuring Cocona® technology and the new ACT™ System, and in-your-face highlights on the top gear stories for 2014, the site speaks for itself.


Ride has every rider covered head-to-toe when it comes to gear. The new 2014 collection includes the Buck Up – team rider Seb Toutant’s new signature board – which features Popwalls™ Sidewalls and graphics by artist Stevie Gee that make it Ride’s most epic park board yet. For those looking for a board that can hit the hill hard but not the wallet, the brand spanking new all-mountain Crook offers full-performance at a price that’s criminal. And for ladies, don’t miss the new Hellcat complete with Popwalls™ sidewalls, Membrain® top sheet, and some serious badass graphics.


Ride’s new El Hefe binding features the new, industry-first Carbon Slimeback™ highback that meshes the lightweight pop and strength of carbon and dampening qualities of urethane to create the stoutest, smoothest ride possible. For the feet, the new Lasso boot debuts Ride’s proprietary Tongue Tied™ closure system that brings next level heel hold with a few clicks of a Boa dial.


For 2014, Ride has partnered with technical fabric manufacturer Cocona® to produce an outerwear line that brings the meaning of fashion and function to the next level. Cocona® has created a patented technology that revolutionizes the world of waterproof and breathable outerwear, and is featured in Ride’s pinnacle pieces like the men’s Lincoln and Capitol Down jackets, and the women’s Genesee jacket, as well as a few key layering pieces.


Also new in outerwear is Ride’s proprietary ACT™ (Active Core Temperature) System with built-in, strategically placed specialized insulations, lining materials, and ventilation to help keep the body balanced and comfortable while exposed to the elements.


There’s more to come in August and September with the launch of a new board finder and signature team product pages, but in the meantime, stop reading this and feast your eyes on the latest goods. And, don’t forget to watch Ride’s Because of Snowboarding teaser for the short film series premiering October 13.


About Ride Snowboards 
Founded in 1992 in Redmond, Wash., Ride Snowboards hit the market with a vision – to create a snowboard company on the basis of uncompromised fun. Now based in Seattle, Ride continues to stay true to its original goals 20 years later. Offering a full range of innovative and quality boards, boots, bindings, and apparel, Ride works tirelessly to maintain its distinct brand identity, push the limits of product development, and has firmly established itself as a leader in the snowboard industry. It’s “Way More Fun” at Ride.


Check out the website at



Snowboarders, Skiers Still Doing Tricks On Snow At Copper –

COPPER MOUNTAIN, Colo. (CBS4) – It may have reached the 90s on Tuesday in Denver, but there are still some places in Colorado where people are enjoying the snow.

When the ski season officially ends in the spring, a new kind of work begins at Copper Mountain. Employees pile up snow in hopes of having it last through the summer months.

Copper Mountain (credit: CBS)

Copper Mountain (credit: CBS)

The effort is done so young people who attend a special summer camp at the Copper can still do some ski and snowboard tricks on snow.

“Most people are very surprised there is snow in the summer to even work on,” said Phoebe Mills, who heads the Woodward at Copper program. The program teaches the participants the vital skills to succeed in action sports.

The small snowy patch amid what is otherwise green, grassy runs on the mountainside is actually few hundred yards long. There are jumps and rails galore, and plenty of flips and 360s being performed by the campers.

Copper Mountain (credit: CBS)

Copper Mountain (credit: CBS)

The snow session ends in the morning, but the learning continues inside Woodward’s recently renovated barn.

“We’re able with our indoor facility — the foam pits, the spring floor, the trampolines — to break skills down to easily definable steps,” Mills said. “We’re doing front flips and back flips inside in a soft environment before we take them to snow. So that way we’re allowing kids to get a lot of repetition and muscle memory and skill before they take it onto the snow.”

Nico Nakamura, one of the camp participants, told CBS4 that his friends didn’t believe him when he said the other day that he was going snowboarding.

“They’re like, ‘How is that even possible?’ And you have to explain to them ‘Oh, they push all the snow in the run into the middle and it lasts all summer.’ Snowboarders will do anything to snowboard.”

Woodward at Copper Mountain

The indoor Woodward at Copper facility (credit: CBS)

CBS4 interviewed one 7-year-old at the camp who is already learning some impressive tricks at a very early age. Asher, a Winter Park resident, said he did four 360s on the snow on Tuesday morning.

“I’m learning how to ski better,” he said.