Cool Winter Dew Tour images

A few nice winter dew tour images I found:

Winter Dew Tour – Revisited

Image by IntelGuy
I wonder how many other photographers suffer from what I call "editing angst". I took about 390 photos in both raw and jpg at the recent 2011 Winter Dew Tour at Snowbasin, Utah. It took me a long time to pare down those to 100 shots that I thought were "pretty good," but which ones do I really want to showcase? I know what I like, but what about other people? With that many photos, which ones do I really spend time editing from the raw version? No easy answer! I’m going to post (or replace) a few that my wife and I both like that I’ve given more careful editing. Here’s the first.

Winter Dew Tour 2011

Image by IntelGuy
This is an intimidating half-pipe. 22′-high walls and a 30-degree down-slope … all ice. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

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