… denim, Shaun White hoodies, and denim…

A few nice Shaun White images I found:

… denim, Shaun White hoodies, and denim…

Image by partymonstrrrr
My new plush Bullseye- the Target dog- in a hoodie (not actually Shaun White brand, but whatevs) and jeans… as well as tiny little Converse One Star hi-tops!

Sometimes, working for Target definitely has its perks!

And if you’re curious about the title, watch this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNDfreK0Yno

LG FIS WorldCup 2009

Image by TylerIngram
Shaun White heading back up

shaun white

Image by Veronica Belmont
too bad i’ve never been snowboarding in my life….

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