Get the Scene Wrecked

Los Angeles (Nasdaq) 16 July 2009

This weekend, the Maloof Money Cup was held at the OC fairgrounds and featured the U.S. Professional Skateboarding Competition for Men and Women Pro Street, Men’s Pro Vert and the U.S. Amateur champion. This amazing three-day event holds the largest purse in history with more than $ 450,000 in prize money. Trainwreck was the pivotal point for all activities on the Trainwrecked VIP booth. They had the opportunity, the event along with Etnies, Monster, Pure Evolution and Wells Fargo sponsor and hang out with some of the pros.

Ryan Sheckler spent some time at the Trainwreck booth and had to say a few words. “I have the honor to be here have This is one of the biggest competitions” Pierre-Luc Gannon said, “Maloof Money Cup has a really good Street set. I’m excited to go out and rip it. “Several professionals appeared at the VIP stand Trainwreck is also Sandro Dias, Dingo, Christian HSO, Bob Burnquist, Rob Lorface, Jeremy Rodgers, Danny Kass, Cierra Fellers, Terri Kennedy, Billy Marks and Kurtis Colamonico. Bob Burnquist said – “It is good with all these young skaters and see what the future holds compete for skateboarding.” Sandro Dias said, “This competition is sick. I’m pretty excited to be here.” The skaters hung at the Trainwreck competitions and stand a breather between the signature of the brand boards while chatting with the team.

Trainwreck Apparel is this fall’s hot new line launched August 2009 for both men and women. The brand concept is the idea that almost everyone has a train wreck at some point in their lives and if they are not yet known, they are. The garments for both lines are made from 100% organic cotton T-shirt, it adds up to not only environmentally friendly but also comfortable. The line is a universal issue for all of love and lust, and it captures the emotions they trigger when a relationship ends. Trainwreck Apparel explores the reasons for the end of a relationship than by posting pictures that take you to gather to express their experiences to others. The collections are four meaningful graphics to describe each state of emotion. “Cory Duffel commented about the upcoming line” I like to have it be dressing for a while. The look just fits my personality, I guess … unique. “

All in all, the event was a blast and the Trainwreck team had the opportunity to work with the professional and amateur world of skateboarding Churchill and give them a heads-up about her compelling new line, it is one to watch

Trainwreck Apparel provides a way for an individual to express their experiences, however, the means of personal clothing and also for the good of the environment. Natural and contemporary clothing enthusiasts can log on for more information.

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