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In this edition of our guide to skiing we look at learning, ski …

Get up, turning and stopping, are the three basic skills you need to master if you want to go skiing. be

Start by standing by your feet is also directed to the width of your shoulders and your feet “pigeon-toed” with the tips of the skis inward and a “V” – this is called “snow plow “. The following three steps are in addition to – (1) a more stable posture by slightly bending your knees, raise (2) you will help your balance by spreading your arms wide, and (3), your turn and stop bending over

Moving forward / down is no problem, your skis on automatically to even the slightest inclination. To go faster, make the triangle / V-shape of the skis on the back of smaller (ie, move your heels closer together) and to slow down or stop, turn your toes inward more and push your heels apart. Doing the latter is slow on small slopes, but for steeper slopes, or to stop, you must gradually turn your skis so they are horizontal across the slope, rather than vertically down.

sharper turns, you have to shift your weight from foot to foot (ie, turn sharply to the right, turn more weight on the left foot to the left and strongly put more weight on the right foot), as well as pointing their skis in the direction that you want to go.

sharp curves overcome quickly if you will recall, move nothing but your feet and rotate when moving body parts such as arms and shoulders is not necessary and can you focus on the body, which actually does have the turn to decrease.

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