19 thoughts on “How to select a twin tip ski”

  1. How good are Salomon Suspects on Park and Pipe? Thats what im buying for this season. Also if they are a 86 waist, and I get wide brake bindings that are 90mm is that the right size?

  2. @Whydyoudoit567 The Panic is an all mountain twin and offers great control for various conditions. The adaptive rocker in the panic offers a slight amount of rocker in the tips of the skis; this will allow for forgiving turn initiation and a ski that will not catch. It’s not the stiffest twin so if you’re a heavier guy or teetering on the level of expert you may want to find a stiffer model.

  3. @iridetigers The all mountain ski was the ’09 volkl bridge. The 2011 bridge has a rocker design to give more float in the powder, but the 09/10 bridge have a more traditional camber. I’m not sure how they would compare on hard pack

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