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We know that Jackson’s Hole is great, but we never dared to hope that it would receive an award, specifically Method Mag’s Eastbound Down Award which, by the way, we have never heard of before. We duly congratulate ourselves, anyway, by putting up all of the first season’s episodes once again. The Hole is open!

The snowboarding web series, Jackson’s Hole, is your ticket to the satirical side of the snowboard scene hosted by the UK’s Henry Jackson. Now, European Snowboard bible Method Mag has given away awards to the most prolific, outsanding or simply unforgettable members of the boarding community and guess what?! Jackson’s Hole, the ideal format for style-obsessed adrenaline junkies, the illegitimate children of Alfred E. Neumann and degenerate party animals (like us) was on the list. We congratulate Henry and his team, particularly producer Tom Howell and cameraman David Doom for putting the spice of madness back into the all-too-sweet and mushy snowboard cake. Here are ten of Jackson’s Holes plus the pilot:

Pilot: In this pilote episode, we catch up with German rider Ethan Morgan and get a taste of all the best action from the season’s first TTR events.



Episide 1: In the first episode of Jackson’s Hole, Henry Jackson is on site at the Big Air in Stuttgart and makes an early morning visit to the riders’ accommodation. So get ready for well-built topless snowboarders, some ‘pillow talk’ with pro snowboarder Werni Stock and some snowboarding action from the Big Air.





Episode 2: In the second episode of Jackson’s Hole we are in Davos for the O’Neill Evolution, where we hook up with extreme snowboard clown Billy Morgan and find out how well Jamie Nicholls can take a slap to the face…



Episode 3: In episode 3 of Jackson’s Hole, we are in Mayrhofen, Austria as we catch up with Tyler Chorlton and the What We Want film crew. As well as a contest round-up, Henry also tries to find out what gorilla hands can be used for…





Episode 4: Henry hooks up with the movers and shakers from the world of snowboarding at the annual ISPO in Munich. We then travel to Innsbruck for Air and Style, where we find out what team managers get up to during events.





Episode 5: Henry is at the Roxy Snow Pro as he catches up with some the world’s top female snowboard talent. As well as having a stare-off with a cat, Henry gets in touch with his feminine side with a much-needed makeover.




Episode 6: Henry finds watching the World Snowboard Championships from home infuriating and decides to get some cash together to fly to Oslo. Once there, he catches up with Roope Tonteri and Seppe Smits, and learns about the female anatomy from top female rider Spencer O’Brien.




Episode 7: In which Henry is in Laax, Switzerland for the Burton European Open. Besides answering the call of the wild, Henry hooks up with Danny Davis and the rest of the Frend crew for some off-the-wall antics. He also manages to reveal Iouri Podladtchikov’s dark past…




Episode 8: Henry and Doom take us on a whirlwind tour of the Burton US Open in Stratton, Vermont. Along the way, the boys encounter angry car-park owners, get snubbed by the sport’s elite and tuck into more fast food than their bodies can handle.






Episode 9: Henry and Doom are joined by a driver and a photographer on their quest to get to the Euro X-Games in Tignes, France. On the way they pick up a Jeep and look at ways of evolving the sport of snowboarding as well as finding the usual smattering of annoying pro riders.



Episode 10: Best of Season 1!






Jackson’s Hole will be back next winter!

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