KidSki Kid-Ski Ski Leash (ages 2-6)

KidSki Kid-Ski Ski Leash (ages 2-6)

The Ski Leash should be thought of as a learn-to-turn device, not a run-away strap. Any child strong enough to balance on skis and slide down gentle slopes, but not yet able to turn and control speed in a wedge, is a prime candidate for the Ski Leash. To teach kids to turn with a Ski Leash, you steer them through turns by steering their hips. Some other similar devices twist the childs upper body. When their hips turn, the child turns. In order to steer, the child must be in a wedge position. Any child inexperienced enough to need a Ski Leash is also inexperienced enough to need at least a Tip Lock, and maybe a Wedge Lock as well. To maintain speed, ski on a gentle pitch, not very flat beginner terrain. Its easier to steer a child through turns on intermediate terrain than beginner terrain. This device can be worn with the Kiddie Lift. The leash is about 14 long so each lead is about 7.
List Price:
Price: 36.95

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