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Ride snowboards are another popular, quality brand snowboard. You can purchase models of Ride snowboards for a discount price. This is a good way to get started with the Ride brand. Ride snowboards come in basically three different shapes that offer versatility to your maneuverability.

Snowboard shapes include directional which is versatile and easy to ride for progression issues, twin shape for all terrain freestyle riding options and twin shapes with centered stance positions. They come with basically three different types of edges also. The standard edge, stainless steel edge and cleave edge. The standard edge uses the Rockwell 48 C. The stainless steel edge offers the same hardness as the Rockwell; however, it requires less tuning and has corrosion resistant properties. The cleave edge has nearly 50% more steel, provides a unmatched resistance to edge cracking and can be detuned for larger radii.

Ride snowboards invented the Fusion Base technology and offer their snowboards in three different varieties. The Fusion 1500 base is the industry standard and is easy to repair as well as it accepts wax easily. The Fusion 4000 base is the fastest base material ever and is harder and more durable. Copper Fusion technology provides the fastest ride ever and provides different benefits over a wide variety of conditions. It is only offered in one snowboard at the current time.

With the men’s division of snowboards, the prices can range anywhere from $ 310 to $ 550 depending upon the technology and the style of the board. Ride offers a minimum amount of snowboards to choose from on their website. In the women’s division, the snowboards range from $ 310 to $ 500 and once again, women’s snowboards are limited to approximately five options. The youth division only offers three options and they range in price from $ 170 to $ 240.

Even though Ride snowboards offers graphics and some funky ones at that; the colors are kind of dull compared to other companies. Yes, they have style and can grab some attention on the slopes; however, probably not as much as other brands. If you can look past the “fashion” accessory side to the snowboard, Ride snowboards do have a lot more to offer its customer base in the form of some major and proven technology standards. Looks don’t always mean a thing when it comes to snowboarding. If you want a snowboard that provides the technology that allows you to have control and more maneuverability as well as options, then Ride snowboards are the snowboards for you. Ride also offers snowboard bindings and boots to go right along with their snowboards as well as other accessories for both the snowboard and the rider.

If you want technology in a snowboard that can help you with your performance instead of hindering it, then you may want to check into a snowboard made by Ride. With the Fusion Base technology, they do have the one-of-a-kind technology that cannot be found in other brands.

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