Massachusetts Kids With Diabetes Get Elevated at Wachusett Mountain With Pro …

Local kids and teens will soon learn how to shred down the mountain
and balance blood sugars in the first annual Riding on Insulin East
Coast Ski/Snowboard Camp ( ), taking place
March 10 at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, Massachusetts.

Riding On Insulin (ROI) is an international nonprofit organization
founded in 2004 by Sean Busby, a twenty-seven year-old professional
snowboarder living with type 1 diabetes. The camps are held all over
the world, and promote courage and confidence while teaching kids and
youth with type 1 diabetes that they can overcome mental and physical
challenges through teamwork.

“ROI fosters a winter sport and snowboarding environment where youth
living with diabetes may share tips on managing it and make new
friends who are just like them,” said Sean Busby, founder of Riding
On Insulin, who manages his diabetes with the OmniPod(R) Insulin
Management System. “I always find myself learning from the campers
who come to my camps. Sharing our experiences with others is the best

Forty kids living with type 1 diabetes, age 7-17 from Boston and
beyond will experience this one-day program with ski and snowboard
instructors trained in diabetes management. Siblings are also welcome
to attend and participate in the camp and parents are encouraged to
enjoy the mountain at their leisure or network with other parents in
attendance. After the kids divide into groups to tackle the mountain,
there will be an organized parent networking session at 9:30am at
Wachusett hosted by the local American Diabetes Association chapter.

“Diabetes is truly a family disease — the entire family is affected
the day a child or teen is diagnosed with Type 1,” says Riding On
Insulin Executive Director, Mollie Busby. “That’s what sets our camp
apart from others — the ability to have the entire family in
attendance and learn from one another.”

Volunteer medical staff specializing in diabetes will also be at
Riding On Insulin all day to monitor morning and afternoon snacks and
lunch. An awards banquet will be held for participants Saturday
evening at the Wachusett Village Inn where Busby will share his
diagnosis story and present a slideshow of photos from his
snowboarding expeditions to Antarctica, Iceland, Romania and

Other ROI upcoming events include: Nakiska Resort, Alberta, Canada
(3/17); Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada (3/24); Breckenridge, Colorado

About Sean Busby And Riding On Insulin:
After enduring complicated
diabetes diagnosis at age 19, professional snowboarder Sean Busby
didn’t know if it would still be possible to snowboard at high
altitude levels and considered retiring from the sport. While reading
stories of children who had been living with Type 1 since birth, he
began to realize how fortunate he was for having been free of the
disease for the first nineteen years of his life and was empowered to
give back to those kids as they were the catalyst for him to continue
snowboarding. Thus, in 2004 Riding On Insulin was founded. The camps
promote courage and confidence and show youth with Type 1 diabetes
that they may overcome the mental and physical challenges that are
often accompanied with the disease. For more information, .

About Type 1 Diabetes (from American Diabetes Association)
Type 1
diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, and was
previously known as juvenile diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the body
does not produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to
convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily
life. Only 5-10% of people with diabetes have this form of the
disease. With the help of insulin therapy and other treatments, even
young children with Type 1 diabetes can learn to manage their
condition and live long, healthy, happy lives.

About the OmniPod
The OmniPod Insulin Management System is the
world’s first tubeless insulin pump. The OmniPod offers people living
with insulin-requiring diabetes all the benefits of insulin pump
therapy, with freedom and ease. The tubing-free OmniPod insulin pump
has just two easy-to-use parts: the discreet, waterproof Pod, which
automatically inserts and can be worn on many parts of the body to
hold and deliver insulin; and the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), a
hand-held device that wirelessly programs the Pod, calculates
suggested doses and has a built-in blood glucose meter. For more
information on the OmniPod insulin pump, please visit: .

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        Riding On Insulin
        Tel. 435-262-1419
        Erich Sandoval
        Lazar Partners LTD.
        Tel. 917-497-2867

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