Men’s Top Snowboarders | Best Ranked Snowboarders

2011 Top Ranked Snowboarders

Shaun White
Travis Rice
Danny Kass
Scotty Lago
Kevin Pearce
Terje Haakonsen
Tucker Hibbert
Danny Davis
Jeremy Jones
Tanner Hall


Shaun White

Shaun White US Snowboarding Grand Prix official shaun white photo36
shaun white snowboarding

Shaun White US Snowboarding Grand Prix official shaun white photo45



Travis Rice

View from the top of the ramp,
Travis Rice snowboarding

Image by all of olive.
Travis Rice, at Red Bull Snowscrapers on the East River, NYC.

I made some animated GIF’s of Rice and Horgmo going to the ramp, and off the jump:
Travis Rice – ramp
Travis Rice – jump
Horgmo – jump

this is travis rice carving it up in POWDER!!!!!!!! YEAH
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Getting the fundamental silkls of skiing down is much easier then getting the fundamentals of snowboarding down. I would also say this is because people are used to doing stuff with their body facing forwards, not sideways, and they are used to their feet working independently, not together like on a snowboard. Also if you have played hockey, ice skate, or inline skate it makes it much easier. I agree with you because many people have different views of good. however my definition of good is skiing huge lines in AK, skiing 3 foot wide chutes etc. I believe that to get that good, takes the same amount of skill in skiing as it does in snowboarding give or take a little. Was this answer helpful?

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