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Mountain Dew is a popular citrus tasting soda pop that is produced by PepsiCo. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world. In fact, it IS the fourth most popular soft drink in America.

The inventors originally made this citrus soft drink to be mixed with whiskey. That’s why they named it “Mountain Dew.” In 1964, Pepsi bought the formula. Pepsi would then make the drink into a worldwide success. The Pepsi Company would also have fun creating new flavors of Mountain Dew, including Code Red and Pitch Black. Pitch Black was released during the Halloween of 2004.

One of the flavors in Mountain Dew is orange juice.

This gives the soft drink a tangy, yet smooth flavor. In Japan, the drink has tangerine juice rather than orange juice.

In Canada, it was not caffeinated until March of 2010 — before that, there was law that disallowed adding caffeine to non-colas. In 2010, non-cola beverage makers were allowed to add caffeine to their products. Health Canada spokesman Stephane Shank said that while they’re not making it mandatory, the feds are urging pop makers to put the amount of caffeine in their products on the label.

Unlike so many other carbonated beverages, “The Dew” is considered a soft drink with some nutritional value. A soft drink (also called pop, soda, coke, soda pop, fizzy drink, or carbonated beverage) is a non-alcoholic beverage that typically contains carbonated water, sugar and flavoring.

There has not been a major new Pepsi product for over ten years. The natural Pepsi Raw soda drink is a new direction for the Pepsi Company. This new carbonated soft drink that does not have artificial ingredients is being introduced by Pepsi Cola.

It has such natural ingredients as cane sugar, coffee leaf, natural caramel coloring, apple extract, grape tantric acid, natural gum Arabic and sparkling water. In comparison, the ingredients of regular pop include high fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial colorings, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid and natural flavors.

Today, Pepsi’s giving away millions of dollars to fund ideas that will refresh the world!

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Other Pepsi products include Ocean Spray assorted juice cocktails and drinks, AMP and SoBe energy drinks, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Tazo Tea, SoBe flavored water, Aquafina water and flavored water, Lipton Brisk flavored lemonades and teas, Tropicana and Dole juices, Gatorade sports drinks and Propel flavored water.

The first slogan for this highly caffeinated beverage was “Ya-Hoo Mountain Dew. It’ll tickle your inards”. The Mountain Dew commercials even featured a cartoon hillbilly. The original Mountain Dew song is of Irish origin…

Let grasses and waters flow in a free and easy way,
But give me enough of the rare old stuff that’s brewed near Galway Bay,
Come policemen all from Donegal,Sligo and Leitrim too,
Oh, we’ll give them the slip and we’ll take a sip
Of the rare old Mountain Dew

At the foot of the hill there’s a neat little still,
Where the smoke curls up to the sky,
By the smoke and the smell you can plainly tell
That there’s poitin brewin’ nearby.
For it fills the air with a perfume rare,
And betwixt both me and you,
As home we troll, we can take a bowl,
Or a bucket of the Mountain Dew

Now learned men who use the pen,
Have sung the praises high
Of the rare poitin from Ireland green,
Distilled from wheat and rye.
Put away with your pills, it’ll cure all ills,
Be ye Pagan, Christian or Jew,
So take off your coat and grease your throat
With a bucket of the Mountain Dew.

They call it that good old Mountan Dew,

And them that refuse it are few.

I’ll hush up my mug if you’ll fill up my jug.

With that good old Mountain Dew.

– Brian


A Graduate of the Holland College Culinary Course, Brian Alan Burhoe has cooked in Atlantic Coast restaurants for over 30 years. He is a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation. His articles reflect his interests in food service, dreamstudy, imaginative literature and our best friends — our dogs. Get Mountain Dew coupons at CLICK HERE: Mountain Dew Free Printable Coupons…  His Home Page is A CULINARY MYSTERY TOUR – A Literary Chef

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