Samoan Sports Celebrity to be Theme of Hip Bar

Woodland Park, CO (PRWEB) April 12, 2006

1996 Samoan National Boxing Champion Liko S. Smith, is returning to Apia on April 12, 2006. Mr. Smith, now a well-known hotelier in Las Vegas, plans to open a “Hip” bar and restaurant based on a Samoan sports celebrity.

Mr. Smith is Managing Owner of THE BLOCK Hotels, a very successful hotel chain with hotels in Lake Tahoe, CA and Big Bear, CA. THE BLOCK Hotels has achieved great success being built around the image of professional snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya and plans to open 20 additional locations in five years. Mr. Smith plans to use the same formula to develop a bar and restaurant in Apia that celebrates and honors one of Samoa’s sports celebritites.

His goal will be to find the right parcel of land for a “Hip” restaurant or bar. The land will be used to open a business for locals and tourists to hang-out and enjoy time with friends. Several opportunities are already being negotiated. “Samoa has a long list of athletes whom have achieved world-wide notoriety for their talents and abilities in sports. We want to build an establishment that embodies one of them, and creates a bar and restaurant experience never before seen in Samoa,” says Smith.

Mr. Smith, an athlete himself, has been in discussions with several Samoan sports celebrities for the project. However, a final candidate has not yet been selected. He plans on interviewing athletes while in Apia and is interested in receiving additional name submissions. Please send all name submissions to: likosmith @

Mr. Smith will be touring Apia from April 12 through April 25, 2006 with his construction manager, Chris Bakke. His visit will be to finalize land acquisition, visit with city planners, banks, architects and to set a timeline for construction. The business is scheduled to open by end of year 2006 or early 2007.

Contact: Kevin Kearns

Phone: 801.509.1685

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