Ski Butlers Were a Hit in Washington, D.C.

This post was co-authored by Charles Sneiderman.

The two young founders of Ski Butlers, Bryn Carey and Riley Tippet, were the Western Region winners of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award. While they did not win the overall award — this year — they were among seven regional finalists selected from several hundred small businesses who applied! They were also the youngest competitors by far (both age 30), and have been invited to compete again next year. Their time will come!

Ski Butlers delivers and fits ski and snowboard equipment on location to customers requesting rental equipment. At the end of the stay, they pick the equipment up at the residence or the resort. If the customer wants a different size or design, they will meet them on site and bring a substitute.

Our family has used Ski Butlers for years, we and are very pleased. Their rates are competitive, and the convenience is great! Ski Butlers now services over 30 resorts in the West and Canada. Bryn and Riley are Easterners (they were roommates at the University of New Hampshire) and founded the company in 2004. They soon realized that the demand for their service was greater in the West, because most skiers fly to the Western resorts from around the world, and now have to pay steep baggage fees to transport their own equipment.

My husband and I enjoyed following Bryn and Riley as they toured the major attractions of Washington. They were treated well by the Chamber of Commerce, which hosted an inspiring three-day “Small Business Summit.” It included an inspirational talk at the award luncheon by Col. Greg Gadsden, who after being wounded in Iraq and losing both legs above the knee, is again an active athlete and is an actor in the new movie Battleship.

At the end of the events, I asked Bryn for his thoughts. He told me “this is an incredible honor. We are very humbled and proud to be selected as the West regional finalist for the award… As we look towards the future, we are going to keep trying to improve so we can be the best ski rental delivery company in the world and offer the highest level of customer service… the sky is the limit. We will take Ski Butlers as far as our team members want to take it.”

We are certain they will continue to succeed!


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