Ski tourers

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Ski tourers
Image by richardcjones
Ski tourers climbing up towards Rochers de Génépy. (Taken from the Génépy run down to Val Claret from the Vanoise chairlift.)

Skiing at the Edge of the World
Image by AlaskaTeacher
February 12, 2008

At least, that’s what it looks like… Today we held ski practice on the frozen Chukchi Sea. I can add this experience to the long list of thing I never dreamed of doing before moving to Shishmaref: skiing on a frozen ocean.

Today I skiied with the kids. This was my second time on skis. It went a lot better than the first time. 🙂 Today I went down a hill without falling down! It was lots of fun, although my legs are so tired now…

I am always amazed at how peaceful the snow makes everything seem. Even with twenty kids on the ice, it still seemed serene. The snow has a way of muffling sound.

Skiing with G at Le Tour
Image by dsa66503
After our warmup, we went up the big hill, where she skied a nearly black run. Woohoo!

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