Skiing and Snowboarding Prep Skills and Drills Program

Ski and snowboarding season are upon us and over the next four weeks we will be featuring a comprehensive skills/drill program, complete with photographs, to prepare you for an exciting season on the slopes. We will be utilizing several fitness tools such as the BOSU Balance Trainer, TRX Suspension System, stability ball, wobble board, slide board, Gliding discs, Bongo board and agility ladder.

While we cannot demonstrate every possible skill and drill to prepare for and master skiing and snowboarding, you will walk away with a solid variety of skills and drills. Variations and modifications will be included; however, many that will be highlighted are quite challenging. For example, the Bongo board, which is a fantastic tool for snowboard training in particular, requires a great deal of time, coordination and skill to master. Consequently, you may not be a candidate for this particular tool. However, there are plenty of other tools that provide the skier and snowboarder with tremendous benefits and may lead to the best alpine and Nordic season you have ever experienced.

Keep in mind that preparing for skiing and snowboarding must include cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, stability, agility and power training. And, you will need to begin preparation several weeks in advance of your first run. Therefore, take the time to lay a solid fitness foundation prior to beginning your season. You will enjoy yourself more, probably experience fewer injuries, and remain healthier throughout this season and beyond. Below is a description of the program and the fitness tools we will utilize during the program so that next week you can hit the ground running! As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Program Description

-This program is designed to concentrate on improving your full body, multi-planar, multi-directional skills leading to greater fluidity, improving your reaction time, acceleration/deceleration, power, strength, agility, and stamina.

-Week one of the program will concentrate upon full body, multi-planar, multi-directional skills which improve fluidity, smoothness, efficiency and effectiveness within each of the required skill sets.

-Week two of the program will concentrate on improving your reaction time, acceleration/deceleration and strength.

-Week three of the program will concentrate on improving your power, agility, stamina and flexibility.

Fitness Tools

-BOSU Balance Trainer – this is a versatile balance/stability tool which has dozens of possibilities during ski/snowboard preparation.

-TRX Suspension System – this body weight leverage tool will challenge your core strength and stability which are both essential elements required for alpine and Nordic.

-Stability balls – will be utilized for lower body strengthening and stability.

-Wobble board – is another stabilization/balance tool.

-Slide board – lateral motion training has been around for decades and is an invaluable tool when training for ski/snowboarding. We will also use it to train for cardiovascular endurance and power.

-Gliding discs – simulate the same action required on a slide board; however, we are able to use this tool for strength and agility training as well.

-Bongo board – simulates the skills required for snowboarding and skiing and is great fun once you master it.

-Agility ladder – excellent tool for improving agility, reaction time and coordination.

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