Snowboard theft rises at Spirit Mountain

Officials are reminding people to lock up their equipment after the theft of 14 snowboards and one pair of twin-tipped skis at Spirit Mountain.

No thefts have been reported at the downhill ski area in the past several days, according to executive director Renee Mattson.

While it’s common for a few snowboards to be stolen at the beginning of each season, this year there were far more thefts than normal, she said.

“We feel sad” for the people whose experiences were ruined by the thefts, Mattson said, adding that people need to secure their boards and skis. The hill sells locks and offers locker rentals and a secure ski corral.

Police have recovered two of the stolen boards. They have not made arrests, although they have suspects in a couple of cases, Duluth police spokesman Jim Hansen said. Hansen also said people should secure their belongings.

“If you lock your board, they are not going to steal it,” he said. “They aren’t cutting locks; they are taking boards that aren’t locked. This is a crime of opportunity. Take away the opportunity.”

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