Question by Alan: snowboard?
what is a good snowboard FOR A 13 YEAR OLD (begginer) He has been using the 6 year olds “freeride 110” snowboard and is good on it. I don’t know what to get him should I get him the freeride 110? Or should I upgrade to something a tad better… please give me links, I know nothing about snoboards

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Answer by swimming♥
If you want a good board try your closest MC Sports or SUMMIT sports. I would suggest a Morrow board. Google it. It should be easy to find.

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  1. burton is generally a good snowboard brand, i just came back from whiteface mountain in vermont. i rented a burton board and was very pleased 🙂

  2. He needs to get a longer board…unless he is the height of a 6 year old, then I apologize. Anyways the board should come up about to his chin/nose when you stand it up directly in front of him…this is essential when it comes to handling and balance while your riding. I’m a huge fan of Burton and Ride boards….although they are pretty expensive. You should check out Scheels and talk to a sales guy who knows something about the sport…that way you know your getting the right board for the kid.

  3. take him to your local board shop they will size him and give you all the info you need for board selection then go online and see if you can find one you like for cheaper. i personally love ride or k2 boards have been riding one or the other for 15 years

  4. Ok first I need a weight or something. Burton is the best snowboard you can get but they are pricey. 110 is way too small for a 13 year old im 14 going on 15 and i ride a 155 so u def. wanna get A LOT more size. K2, Lamar, 51-50, are all good for a beginner since you’re not going to go out and buy a Burton. I own a Burton Blunt 155 and love it. If you got the money go for a Burton but if not the brands I listed are also good. By the way do not listen to anyone who tells you about height is about weight. how would an inanimate object be able to tell how tall you are? it can’t it only cares about weight.

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