The 2013 Summer Shred Guide

The 2013 Summer Shred Guide

This part of the year is always bitter sweet. Sure it’s getting warmer, people are coming out of their winter hibernation state, there’s flowers, you can go skateboarding, but it’s also the time of the year when the resorts start shutting down the lifts. So how are you going to get your shred fix on for the next six months? Are you just going to sit around and day dream about catching air? Well you can do that, or you can be proactive about it and get yourself to a summer shred camp. The camps we have listed here are in North and South America, but if you live in Europe, fret not because there are glaciers there too!

Justin Fronius is a digger at Windells and he’s a boss, but he’s not the boss. PHOTO: Erik Hoffman

1. Windells







Windells totally kicks ass. They are situated on beautiful Mt. Hood, where, as you read this, there’s a ton of snow! Windells makes one hell of a snowboard park. There are countless rails, jumps of every size, and a superpipe. But one of the best things about Windells is how often they switch up their park. If you get bored riding their park (which would be insane, but if you do…) they switch it all up every few days. And if you happen to be at Windells for multiple sessions the park you started riding day one will look nothing like the park on your final day of your stay.

Also, if you like skateboarding Windells is totally the spot. The park that they have there is unlike any other. We could describe it, but it wouldn’t do it justice. You have to see it to believe it.

Length: 7 or 8 day sessions, depending on how early in the summer you go. Camp runs from 6/6-8/21

Price: $1,899-$2,069.00. depending on when in the summer you choose to go.

Max campers per session: 250

Killer Coaches: Johnny Lazz, Brandon Cocard, Mary Rand

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